Glowforge head won’t move stuck on scanning and centering

The Glowforge head won’t move, I’ve done everything, cleaned everything, shut it off and on, lid open and lid closed. Head under camera, restart computer, rebooted network, and now replaced black lid cable … still doesnt work. Any ideas?

If everything else seems to be powered (lights are on, fan starts whirring, etc.) it’s just that it won’t advance beyond centering/scanning then it’s almost always a WiFi issue.

Unless you have something in your bed, or the logo on your laser head is dirty. Take care of those. If it still doesn’t work try a different WiFi network, using your phone as a hotspot, moving your router closer or further away from the :glowforge:. Verify that your ISP doesn’t “helpfully” switch you to a “better” 5gHz signal. Verify that your signal is strong and steady (it doesn’t need fast).

Fingers crossed

Hello @zulevic14 - I see that you’ve also reached out via email, and I’ve responded with some next steps via that email thread already so I’m going to go ahead and close this topic and we can handle this via your email.