Glowforge in apartment - no air filter yet

Hello everyone,

I just got my Glowforge Pro last week - no air filter unfortunately since it is not yet available. I live in an apartment and have a downstairs neighbor, a neighbor across and below, and one neighbor across. I have the exhaust attached to my window but I did NOT realize just how bad that air blowing out of the hose was.

My neighbor has kids and I would hate for the kids to get sick due to inhaling that burnt chemically air/smell. I was wondering if anyone had other alternatives to mitigate the strong smell being emitted from their Glowforge while waiting on the Air Filter that is forever backordered. I wish I had known about the smell prior to spending $6,000…

Thanks everyone.

Search and you will find many discussions on the topic of alternatives to the air filter.

I recommend reviewing the Safety section in the manual at

I’m going to move this discussion to Beyond the Manual in case others have more ideas they’d like to share!

i made a .375 X 5 X by XX in long wood board backed with Purple insulating foam with a 4.25 hole in the center and attached a dryer outside vent to the other side(So you dont get back flow wind) and clear silicone around the inside hole. i had to use tape for the out side edges of the window on the inside to prevent wind comming in .