Glowforge International User Location Map

Ever wonder if there are any Glowforge users near you? Checkout the map linked below and add your location.

Glowforge International User Location Map - Add Your Own Location

Not sure what you’re trying to share as your posts are blank, but Glowforge has never published an “official” list of user locations, that would be a serious violation of privacy. There was once a google map created by an owner, but they stopped supporting that service many years ago and only a few hundred chose to share their location on it.


There was a link included (and text), but it has been removed

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I think you are thinking for the other post:

This one came first and always appeared blank to me.

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Fixed it, for some reason the link wasn’t posting, it is linked in a post below also.

For some reason this topic keeps coming up as new. Maybe because it got moved to a new category? In any case, the term “official” seems incorrect – you are not a glowforge employee, so I’ll change the title for you to “Unofficial Glowforge International User Location Map”.


First post has 4 edits. I think each edit bumps it as new?

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