Glowforge is stuck in cooling down mode before forging, and it's not hot

Multiple times I’ve waited for 15 minutes for it to cool down but the “cooling down” message persists. This is the only thing it does after pressing the start button.

The temperature is below 75°F in the room. It’s cooler than that outside now, so the exhaust vent wouldn’t be causing it to overheat. There are no vent blockages. I’ve restarted the machine several times.

Which model do you have? 75º is at the upper limit for a basic, and the temp in the room isn’t the issue so much as the temp of the cooling fluid inside the machine. If it’s starting off at the ambient air temperature and then cutting a few jobs, it will easily overheat and stop to cool down. Hot air can also come in through the vent, making the inside of the machine warmer than the room itself.

It’s a Pro model. It’s 68° in the room and colder than that outside, so the air vent wouldn’t be overheating it. Nothing about the unit is even warm - it won’t start the job so it doesn’t have a change to get warm, so I think it’s the sensor or something.

I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble with your Glowforge getting stuck while cooling down. We reviewed the logs from your unit and I’ve made a small change on our end. Will you please try turning your unit back on and let us know if you’re now able to print as expected?

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It works now! Thank you!

Hi @m-hooks - we’re happy to hear things are working for you again! Since you’re all taken care of I’m going to go ahead and close this topic. Please feel free to reach out to us via email at or open another topic if you should ever need help in the future.