Glowforge is stuck on centering during first project

I have waited for over an hour for the machine to go from “centering“ to the next step. I have tried to turn off the machine and restart but no success.

Centering is often an issue with the WiFi connection. :glowforge: requires a solid, but not necessarily fast connection at 2.4ghz. Many modern routers will have “smart switching” which will switch the connection out to a 5ghz which is useless to the Forge.

The easiest way to test that is to set up a hot-spot on your phone and run the WiFi connection again - if everything works than it’s your WiFi.

You can also try a manual reboot by shutting off not only the Forge but your router, modem, and any extenders you have in between - then turn on the modem, wait for it to complete its entire boot-up cycle - then do the same for router, etc.

Hopefully one of these gets you a quick fix. The centering process should never take more than a few minutes (and that’s only if there’s a major update it has to download), usually it’s under a minute.

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Ok so now with my hotspot on my phone it went from centering to scanning and has been that way for over 5 minutes. I went ahead and rebooted everything. No luck ):

Problems with both might be an issue with the lid cable. You’ve already done the first step, so start with step 2.

Worse case scenario you’re going to need to wait for a staff member to show up because they can check your logs from the back-end. Post the images here, and that’ll speed up their response when they get here.

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Oh - one more thing you can do to verify the WiFi is good and that it’s the signal not making it to the :glowforge:

This test requires a laptop or desktop computer. If possible, try these steps from a laptop computer placed on top of your Glowforge (and on the same Wi-Fi network) for the most accurate results.

  1. Run the test
  • Mac: Open Finder/Applications/Utilities/Terminal, then type the following command, and press the return key:
    “ping -c 50
  • Windows: Open the Windows Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key + R
    In the dialog box, type “cmd”, then “Run” or “OK”
    Type the following command, then press the return key:
    “ping -n 50
  1. Allow the test to finish. When it is complete you will see results under a “ping statistics” header.

  2. Take a screenshot of the results and post them here

I’m sorry about the trouble with your Glowforge. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.