Glowforge just turned off


My Glowforge just turned off during a cut and won’t turn back on. I don’t know what to do.

Have you checked that the outlet still has power?

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If it’s a pro, check the safety interlock staple thing on the back near the power switch, and make sure it’s pushed all the way in.

Check the outlet by plugging something else into it and confirming it works.

Document the results of those things for when support staff get here to help you. (You just opened a support ticket by posting in Problems and Support, so hang in there, help is on its way!)

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I actually just checked that and there is no power. I have both my pro and the fan/filter plugged into that so I’m assuming maybe it is too much for one outlet.

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@geek2nurse Thank you. I just checked the power and there is no power coming from that outlet. The rest of the room has power coming from it so I’m assuming since the fan/filter and my pro is plugged into the same outlet maybe its too much for one outlet.

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Just a couple of things, most house receptacles are 15 amps, some 20A and a few 30A, for single pole breakers. In what part of the house is your Glowforge plugged in?

You could also be plugged into an outlet with a GFCI receptacle? If there is any moisture they will trip, also when they get old, the GFCI receptacle’s breaker can become weak. usually a few regular receptacles are tied to one GFCI. If your in a basement, bathroom and or kitchen area where moisture is possible, you may have one. Just a note, you will have more than one receptacle on a breaker, and if you are running on that circuit and someone plugs in something, like a vacuum etc… you can trip a breaker. You may not be loading down the circuit with just the Glowforge and the filter, there may be something else on that circuit.


yar sounds like you have overloaded the breaker. Is there a way to run the filter off a different circuit? I say filter as it will be the lower power device and would handle a longer extension run for the power better.

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Just a suggestion, but when working with any kind of power tools, or equipment, you should keep a few test tools like a good multimeter, circuit testers etc… In this case i would suggest that you do a full test of all the receptacles that you have and what breakers they are going to. This will help you know where the loads are coming from. Here is a link to one of hundreds of circuit testers to check you outlets to the breakers.

That doesn’t turn the power off, it just cancels the print.


“In my experience” (yeah I know, never trust anyone who uses those words), those breaker finders rarely work at all. They certainly don’t work in my house, which has so much noise on the power you could make a dubstep album off of it.


Yeah, but it is one of the the easiest to try for someone that is not that familiar with electrical. You could try the old school way of plugging in a lamp, turning off the breaker, and see if the light goes off :rofl:


Its actually in one go my bedrooms upstairs and I didn’t plug anything else in when I started the cut. I have used the machine before and that didn’t happen so it was just weird it just shut off.

Breakers get old and unreliable.


How old is the house?

That’s where i was going with the age of the house.

I had a fun one where the Glowforge was making the wires “jump” in the receptacle. There are a couple of ways to wire a receptacle and “stabbing” the wire is one of those: it’s much faster than terminal screws, so contractors love it.

Whenever a heavy load was applied, it would make the wire jump and it would lose contact where it was backstabbed (effectively killing the outlet). Drove me nuts trying to figure it out. These connections also fatigue over time.

IIRC, and someone that knows more than me, please correct me, the affected outlet and the outlets on the same breaker after that outlet in the series will all go out. If I’m right on that, then your outlet could just be the last outlet on the circuit and the others stay live.

My house is about 3 years old. Fixed the problem, reset my GFI. THANK you all for your help, much appreciated.


Great, Forge on.

I’m sorry that you hit this snag, but I’m so glad to hear that the communities advice helped to get you back up and running!

I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at if you run into any more trouble. We’re here to help!