Glowforge keeps going Offline after print

My Glowforge keeps going offline after a print. I’m trying to print multiples of a file and at the end of every print, when it tries to refocus, I get a message that says OFFLINE. This happens way more than I would like, and it takes 5-10 minutes to turn off the machine, turn it back on and then have it go through the process again. This is incredibly frustrating.

I wish there was an option for reprinting the same file.

Sound very frustrating, for sure. Even if there were the option for reprinting the same file it wouldn’t help in your situation… you are having problems with your internet connection. To rule out the idea that it’s something wrong with your Glowforge, try connecting it to the internet using your smart phone. If it stays connected, then you’ll need to direct your attention to your home internet set up.


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