Glowforge laser not engraving as normal

I would start from scratch here. There are lots of variables at play. Stop and do a Gift of Good Measure test. Then you will know if the issue is your machine or not. If that prints fine, then it may be your design, the material or your settings (or all 3) that are at play.


What I think is that many folk fall into the “trap” of thinking more is stronger in result. This is true for Power,and LPI but the opposite of true for speed. So they go faster and faster and keep getting weaker results, and can’t understand what is wrong. The top speed recently jumped up so much that you could get a reasonable evgrave on paper without burning through, but the result on wood or acrylic, not so much.


Hello everyone,

Thank you and thank you for the amazing support you have provided. I managed the setting on different lever and realized that the best setting for this wood is speed at 1830, power of 100 and 1355 lpi.

Huge difference and thank you all again.


So glad you got better results, and that your old Glowforge is still chugging away.

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That does look a lot better!

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