Glowforge Lid cracking on right side

I have seen one other post about this but have people had alot of issues with the lid on the glowforge (right side by the hinge) cracking? Mine just had it happen, I lifted the lid and heard a crack. Checked it out and the glass of the lid isn’t seated right on the hinge anymore. I carefully put the lid down while supporting the glass around the hinge which did work but for a machine that I just got a couple of months ago this seems pretty bad to have happen. I do have a warranty but looking for advice here.

Thanks and happy forging!!!

The lids are glued. Is the glass physically cracked or just no longer glued down? Either way, if it’s under warranty, let glowforge take care of it. You will be down for a while but it’s the best option.


They’ll replace it under warranty, it does require shipping it back to them tho. There will be no out of pocket $$ cost to you.

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I guess I should have kept the huge Glowforge boxes then. :frowning:

Well… yeah. They DO state that you need to keep the box. That’s 250 dollars right there and that’s not covered in your warranty I don’t believe.

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Yup, it’s in the setup instructions:

Save Everything!

If you need to ship your Glowforge, for example for warranty service, you’ll need all the original parts: boxes, handle locks, foam, and important orange and red bits. Store them safely - replacement packing materials are $249.

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Sad thing is a lot of that is shipping costs. The box is just unwieldy large. Empathize with your want to reclaim the space it took up.

Yeah, you will need the main one and all Inside the bits. Do you know anyone near you that you could borrow one from?

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. You are under warranty, so we can work on having a replacement unit shipped out as soon as possible, but I’d like to take a look at some pictures of the your unit’s lid.

Would it be possible to post these images to this forum post?

I’ll send over the next best steps after reviewing the images.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you, so I’m going to close this thread.

Please reach back out at with the photos of the lid and we’ll be happy to continue working on this.