Glowforge lossing wifi

I have two glow forges and every time I try to do a calibration on my first gloworge it looses wifi while the newer one does just fine and calibrates with out any problems what could be causing this they are right next to each other and the router is really close and signal is good

The wifi module used in the machine is about as cheap as they come, worse than most web cams and such.

It works fine for most uses but the calibration process for some reason puts demands on it that it often cannot maintain a reliable connection.

I had to set up a different (yet older, more basic) wifi router to get my machine to complete the calibration process. This was after relocating the machine, installing signal boosters and repeaters, etc. I’ve worked in IT since the 80’s and with wifi since it existed, I’m not new at this.


what’s really weird is that both of my lasers are right next to each other and one does just fine with the calibration process but the other doesn’t. and the one that doesn’t is closer to the router then the other

Not weird at all. The cheap module they use can vary drastically. I’ve got a couple of old webcams, one won’t work in one part of my house but another is fine.


And you CAN be TOO close to the router as well. Perhaps try moving the router across the room and see if the problem goes away.


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