Glowforge Machine

Hi guys,
Everytime I try printing with my glow-forge it keeps saying “centering” or “focusing” but nothing ever happens. After some time I got a little notification saying “head not found”. Any idea on how I can fix this?

First thing to try is power off the machine, wipe the lid camera with a alcohol pad and slowly pull the head over until it is exactly under the lid camera.
Then restart and see what it does.
That head not found is a sticky one, hopefully it is not one of the ribbons and is just being displayed because the head never was seen by the lid.


Ok thank you! I will try that out.
Also my head seems a little loose…it’s leaning forward a little is that normal? If I push the head up a little it moves slightly up and down. The magnets are attached properly however is the head suppose to lean forward a bit from the top?

The printhead should not be leaning forward. Are you certain that the carriage plate is properly on the rails?


Yes, sounds like the carriage plate wheels in the front or back are not riding on the rails or one or more of the 4 wheels have broken.


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