Glowforge Map

Cool! La Verne, CA checking in.

wow i am surprised by the lack of Canadians, guess ill be part of the privileged few!

between Cleveland, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh --> guess I’ll have the market cornered

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Added myself. It’s kinda nice to see that the Los Angeles area is fairly - but not completely - empty!

Someone should mark the Glowforge office in there.

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See data point #9 for @dan

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Ah, had to search to get it, was hiding behind eva on my view.

For once I have upstaged @dan!


Gloucester, Ma. here

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added myself

lord towers
Medford OR

@makerblock : Woodland here

First one on the map from Wisconsin. Will probably make a few Cheesehead items!


Former Wisconsinite & fellow cheesehead here. (Appleton)

Just added myself! Putting another Canadian on the Map :smile_cat:

@jbv Awesome! Super close to my alma matter!!!

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@makerblock @hannrick66 @jbv
I’m in Chico

It would be cool for GF to create a map using purchasing data, instead of only self reporting.

@tim You’re super close too! (Love visiting Chico, esp Sierra Nevada)

So @makerblock @tim @hannrick66 … can we try to keep up and give each other a chance to see the first unit that gets shipped into our area? Unboxing party?

I’d be up for that jbv. Maybe form a NorCal user group or such.


I’m feeling a bit lonely out here in Kentucky. I cannot believe there isn’t even anyone in Nashville. I shop there all the time at Whole Foods Green Hills area (Across the street from the Bluebird). TONS of artists in that community and not one of them clicked my affiliate link. LOL