"Glowforge may elect to offer premium features that require you to pay fees." What does this mean?

It’s in the contract to receive your glow forge. Is Glowforge going to charge exorbitant fees to get the updates? They say they are available, but they don’t say if they will charge us.

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I doubt the bug fixes and firmware updates will qualify as “premium” anytime soon.

All the handy features that people are requesting above and beyond what was originally promised? Who knows…

They could offer a “Premium Options Pack” that allows you to do all the things people are currently requesting (thinking that they will be added for free), and charge a monthly fee.

Or they have no intention of doing that, and they are just covering all the bases in the agreement.


We will never know until the day comes that it happens but I’ve taken this to mean that they may take a model like some of the paper/vinyl cutters have. You get all this for the price of admission but if you want this super deluxe add-in that will extend the capabilities way beyond what was originally promised, It will be $5 a month or $45 a year when you pay a year in advance.*

*all numbers pulled out a convenient orifice.


Yeah, just the term “May Elect” infers they have no idea what this will entail and put it in to satisfy some future (maybe who knows) elements worth doing that they have not thought of yet.
Not a lawyer, just an opinion.


Also note that the paragraphs you quoted elsewhere gives as an example a reoccurring monthly delivery of :proofgrade:. I really don’t see them just mandating that you must get the packs. The language used specifies they may offer something such as this wherein you’d have to opt into it but you do give consent now for such a time if you do opt in.

If glowforge offers a reoccurring service, if you choose to use it, you’re consenting now to let them charge your credit card at that point.


I recall reading they will never charge for software or firmware updates. Which makes sense.
They may or may not know, at this time, what “premium” features will exist in the future. We’ll all find out together.


Don’t see all the features that have been promised nor in discussion ever falling into this category. It would be quite the nuclear option along the lines of “no self-replacing of the tube”. Although it is not outside the realm of possibility. Like, “Hey Brazil, sorry, but we can’t do it for you.”

My guess is that is it for un-lockable features in the mobile app being developed or some add ons to image processing in the browser app. Would come across as petty though and validate some of the worst of the company bashing posts on the forum if say, they said, “now offering primitive vectors in the operations space in the GFUI. $3.00 for a triangle, $4.00 for a square, etc.”


I know there are most posts from @dan about this - but they elude me. These are the couple that I could find.


Now that is an interesting one. Most of the promised features don’t exist yet.


That’s a given.

I can’t see how they could charge for them once (if) they exist for those who purchased based upon the statement that they will exist.

Yes, many promises have been broken, and others have yet to come to fruition… Charging for things that were clearly included in the original purchase price? Can’t see that as flying.


Other posts explicitly state the original feature set described.

Lord, y’all are impossible.

No, no, and another no. :wink:

I am completely agreeing with the fact that they are not even remotely going to not offer the original set of features for free.

As I said, in relation to them charging for those:


Probably should have made that a reply to @palmercr :slight_smile:

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Indeed, the set of features that we advertised when you purchased the machine will continue to be free. We don’t have any plans at this time to charge for new features.