Glowforge mounted blast gate


Now that’s a practical cut.


oh! that’s nicer than the one I made for mine! nice work!


Dave, it is getting colder here in Upstate NY and my husband is working on a plan to move my Glowforge into the house. Getting ready to print your wonderful blast gate design. Husband is wondering how it attaches to the Glowforge and how the exterior hose attaches to the gate. Can you give us any more detailed advice? Much appreciated!


I just wanted to let you know that I printed and attached this shortly after you posted it, and it has been a game changer. There hasn’t been a speck of humidity in my machine, not even after the tail end of the hurricane we got. Previously, I had to point fans at the open machine any time I wanted to use it because it was so humid. Pretty soon I’ll get to see if it also keeps out the cold air and saves me from the machine being too cold to function.


Hi, I am new to this. I really love this design! ( thanks for sharing) I would love to print one for myself, but I am not sure how to access the drawings? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Just right click on the drawing in the first post, and select “save image as…” (or apparently depending on browser, it might be “save link as…”) and it will save to your hard drive as an SVG file.


The gate just slips over the glowforge outlet. It’s a slug fit, the glowforge’s outlet comes right up to the sliding gate. Then the backside has a flange like the GF that the hose attaches to.


Thanks so much, DaveStruve, for your design! I didn’t understand how it worked until i printed it out; and apparently my husband didn’t read as closely as I thought he did. It hasn’t been done yet - still sitting in the garage with my coat on as we speak - but it will get done! Your design is very elegant and will help me a great deal.


can your design be printed on 1/4 acrylic without adjustments?
Still in the 80’s and such here in atlanta, but I’d like to make this and be ready for the colder weather.


Should be fine, The design isn’t thickness dependent. BTW i’m in atlanta as well, and I’ve pretty much given up on it getting cold.


was nice out this morning,but getting dang hot again this afternoon.


Dave, THANK YOU! I had tried a number of different arrangements for my venting, including a purchased blast gate that ended up leaking quite a bit out some of its gaps. Your solution was elegant, and allowed me to replace it. In the process, I also swapped out the venting I was using with a PowerTec dust collection hose (heavy duty) from Amazon, and I have virtually no smell. (Finally! well, except for when I forgot to OPEN the new blast gate…)


Can I ask what type of glue you used to hold it together? I’m super new at this, Lol. Was it just normal CA glue?


I used a acrylic solvent to weld it together.


Great for keeping dust out in Arizona too!