Glowforge needs to work offline

We should be able to work offline. its not fair that now that everyone is home , this takes such a long time to get the job done. thinking in buying something to work offline.

I don’t disagree… but we all knew what we were getting when when ordered it. Well… that, or we didn’t do enough research before making a big purchase. :slight_smile:


Yes, these are challenging times - but you deal with the reality of the machine you bought. I think having children conducting their education online is more important right now.


I agree that we all knew what we were buying from the start. I would prefer to be able to work offline, but on the flip side we get new features rolled out to us with no effort on our part. If someone purchases a Glowforge without understanding that it requires a wifi internet connection they have not done their homework.





Yep. We should restrict the speed of processing during normal times so everyone always has the same speed of processing experience no matter how few or many are using the services.

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I promise I’ll just click more slowly when I get faster response times.


I was under the impression that my internet or lack thereof would be the defining factor when using it… not the service itself. There NEEDS to be a work offline option for this VERY EXPENSIVE TOOL that currently is sitting in a “scanning” mode continuously


I know a major university computer center that did just that when they upgraded all their main frames. The computer manager knew that as the new capacity was used, customers would complain. So, he put a timing delay in all jobs that ran on the new computer!!!


Thanks for the discussion everyone! I will pass on your request to the team.

@suzinelson72, if you’re having trouble scanning ongoingly, please create a separate post or write to so we can make sure there isn’t a different issue there!