Glowforge Not cutting at all

my glowforge is not cutting. when I upload the file and set the cutting preferences it says it will take 1 minute to cut. which I know is wrong because the print takes more than 1 min to cut.
help I have a deadline

a screenshot would be helpful but it sounds like part of your artwork might be outside the print area? or improper settings.


It’s not outside the print area. I think it’s weird it only lets me go to 500 on speed

Help us help you, then. We can’t make educated guesses about what might be wrong without knowing more about what’s happening. A screenshot would be helpful, as @primal_healer noted, one that includes the entire screen with the material and job step thumbnails on the left as well as the project on the bed. A description of what’s actually happening when you push the button to start the job would also offer us some clues.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re hitting this snag.

Does this occur with multiple files, or just a specific file? If it is a single file, could you please post the file to this thread?

As @primal_healer & @geek2nurse pointed out, a screenshot of the entire screen with the material and print step thumbnails can help us narrow down the trouble you are running into.

Once we can review the file and the screenshot, we’ll provide the next best steps.


@therusticfort, 500 is a very fast speed for cutting, and will likely not cut through. To Cut you will use slower speeds…generally in the 160-180 range for materials like wood and acrylic. Engraving is the only operation that can go up to 1000 for speed.

Did you accidentally (or deliberately) change the settings?

If you are using Proofgrade material do this:

You should see a blue checkmark next to the words Proofgrade Cut, and the word CUT on the thumbnail in the left column.

If you don’t see those, or if you see a couple of small numbers in the thumbnail column, then you might have incorrect settings there for the material.

If you are NOT cutting Proofgrade material, let us know. The procedure is different and you will need to enter the correct settings in the Manual Settings. But if you open the Manual Settings menu, it cancels out the Proofgrade settings. (Automatically.)


I’ve seen it do this when I forget to set the Material up front. The UI sometimes sets your power level to 1 (a safety feature?) when it doesn’t know the material type. Then, even when you tell it the material later, it sometimes still has the “Custom” cut settings selected.

When this happens, the printer runs the job but just traces over the cut lines without really doing anything.

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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email