Glowforge not cutting first cut

I opened my glowforge and set it up with all the instructions well trying to do the print Good Measures and it won’t score, engrave or even cut. Yes, I have cleaned everything and anything. I even set it to only cut the outline and it scored it but only on one side and it didn’t do the other side. I made sure everything was set correctly on the design, tray is fine.

It’s not firing the laser
I already reached out to support but no answer yet.

The tube is lighting up but only when I did the cut only on the one part. Support had previously sent me all the stuff that is already in the manual. I’m beyond frustrated because my first machine came broken and mishandled by UPS. So I’m frustrated that now this isn’t working.

Welcome to the forum - FYI, posting here after emailing support opens a duplicate ticket they will close as soon as they’re aware of it - next time do one or the other, not both.

That being said - it looks like the shipper has damaged your laser in transport - that sort of fading away usually means the mirror has been bumped out of alignment :frowning: They will likely recommend that you return and they send you a replacement.

The instructions they sent include a list of things to try - you’ve said you tried everything, but if you could be specific in your response to them it’ll help them diagnose more quickly.

Sorry it’s bad out of the box, but their CS is top notch (if not fast) and they’ll get you sorted ASAP.

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Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about this trouble @thrillyourheart. I see we’re working with you via email and I just sent a reply over there, as we’ll need some personal information from you.

I’m going to close this post so the conversation can continue over there.

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