Glowforge not cutting straight

Good morning,

I haven’t used my glowforge in around a month or so. Started using it last week, and now it doesn’t cut, engrave, or score straight on the left to right axis.

I’ve turned the machine off, I’ve checked for debris, and still cutting in waves.

Someone please help.


Please post some pictures. A pic of the cut, a pic of the rails and wheels, whatever you think may be helpful.

Also send an email to, Glowforge staff doesn’t read this.

We may be able to help but getting an email in with official support will get the ball rolling while we work on it here. Support can be a bit slow sometimes.

Also welcome to the forum, sorry you’re joining us under these circumstances.

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Thanks for the response. I have a picture of the cut. I will work on getting more pics tonight.

Closely inspect the wheels on the printhead. This kind of looks like a cracked wheel behavior to me.


Agreed. Bad wheel or debris on the rail. Most likely the former.

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Agreed, which is why I asked for…

But the odd waviness in the X direction while traveling “y” is a little weird. Like the wheel has to be pretty dorked up… and it’s smooth, not bumpy like an outright broken wheel might show. I dunno. I still think wheel but it’s a little not what I expected.

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