Glowforge not cutting through material

Attempting to cut individual letters (characters) out for a logo. I am using PROOFGRADE - Thick Draft board. The machine appears to be cutting, but is NOT penetrating all the way through the material. The machine is using the default setting for the type of material being used.

If I attempt to recut the part, even without moving the part in the bed, there are registration issues between the artwork and the original (partial) cut.

If it’s not cutting through PG material at PG settings, it’s time to clean your optics and your fans.

Make sure you clean the lens, the mirror, and all 4 laser windows on the print head and the gantry.

Then clean the air assist fan.

If you hit print again without moving the artwork or the material, it will run through the exact same motions cutting in the exact same places. The only way that doesn’t happen is if:

  • you moved the artwork or material
  • the print head bumped into something
  • you moved the print head while the machine was turned on
  • something’s broken: examine wheels, belts and tensioner pulleys for damage or incorrect tension

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