Glowforge not engraving in set location

When I put a logo something in my glow forge or writing it never goes where I set it. I also did the set focus on the logo and writing and it still goes to a different spot. Anybody know what’s going on?

You’re going to want to post pictures of your entire GFUI from the list of commands on the left to the name of your machine on the right - with your material in and post-cut so it shows how far it is off.

The tech specs allow for 1/4" variance, but if you’ve run the Camera Calibration it’s generally sub-millimeter.


Have you run the camera alignment?

If you have done that and, are still seeing it off more than 1/4", you would need to post (including pictures) in Problems and Support, as @deirdrebeth suggests (Glowforge staff does not monitor this category).

You might also consider using some other alignment technique that doesn’t rely on the camera, such as making a jig. There are a bunch of posts on how to that. Let us know if you can’t find them.


Thank you. This solved it.


Thank you.

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