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Hey Everyone!
Just looking for some advice and I feel kind of stuck on what to do! I have a “brand new” machine that was sent to me this past October to replace a machine I already had. its been fine up until the past couple weeks. All of a sudden it won’t focus and is giving me the “An error occurred on your glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn you glowforge off and try again.” I put in a ticket with glowforge and they seemed to think it is the printer head. However, I have another glowforge that is only a few months old. I took the printer head from that machine and put it on the one that wasn’t working. I am still getting the Error message so it makes me think that it is not the printer head and may be something else. has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering if it is something different, like maybe the white cable or a connection somewhere? I am frustrated because I am trying to run a business and glowforge has gone quiet. I’m having a hard time getting an answer from the person I was working with. its been a week and I emailed him again and still nothing. :frowning: just trying to get this fixed so I can get back up and running. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Have you check if your white cable is ok? The one connecting to the camera ? Make sure they cable is seated properly as well as wiping ur camera with a lense cleaner. I’ve has this issue and my camera was dirty once cleaned I was up and running again


Are you getting that error after you have art selected? I generally get that when something is corrupted in my file - everything looks good until I ask it to print and then I get that error. You can eliminate that as an issue by loading the Gift of Good Measure - since it’s a known good file.

If it’s not that, then yes, check cable ends.

Also, you said :glowforge: thought it was the head - but then you said they went silent - I’m presuming they’re waiting for you to say “yes, send me a new head” - did you do that?


Thanks for the response! I do clean my machine every morning if not twice a day pretty throughly. I run it almost 12hrs a day so I need to clean it often haha the camera cable looks okay to me? but maybe that’s a possibility.

Thank you for the response! I set focus every time before I cut a project! I actually did the Gift of Good Measure and tried a couple of clip art shapes from the glowforge interface but none of them worked :confused: I did respond to the email saying I would be interested in purchasing a new laser head if that was the what is wrong. I also asked what their protocol is if I purchase a new laser head and I still have issues. Like would they take the new printer head back and help me figure out what the issue might be?

The machine needs to be cleaned aprox. every 40hrs of actual use.

Most issues that are posted here begin with “I cleaned my GF and then…”


I certainly am familiar with that error.

What type of machine (pro, plus, basic)? and is this your only machine?

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Take pictures of all your cable connections and post them here - let us see if we can see something you might be missing - because it definitely sounds like you’ve got a bad connection somewhere.

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