Glowforge not moving, stays in "Offline"

When I turn on my Glowforge, the lights come on, I hear the sound of the water pump, then the water pump stops and I just hear fans - the normal startup sounds… and then the print head doesn’t move and it stays in “Offline”. I’ve tried power cycling it a few times.

I tried pressing the button until it turned teal, and going through the setup - my laptop found the Glowforge Wifi, and said everything was fine, but still nothing is moving, and the unit shows up as offline in the UI.

The issues are apparently widespread. Lots of people are having issues right now.

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yep, same here. just checked here to see if anyone else had it.
Glowforge status page says everything is fine, but obviously it’s not…

Thanks! I had a quick look in the forum, but I didn’t see any posts with similar details in the headers. Should have looked a bit harder I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had my GF sitting in the background on while I was typing this, and literally exactly at the same time as I hit “Post”, the GF started moving, and now it shows as calibrating. fingers crossed Problems in the cloud are annoying, but much less annoying than a dead GF. :slight_smile:

oh, there’s hope. I guess I’ll power cycle one more time and see!
Edit: it’s alive and moving! just did a trace and it works.

Seems to working again… Files will upload

A bunch of us can’t upload files. If you are using artwork that had been uploaded earlier it seems to work.

yep, new files won’t upload but my previous prints will…

All is good in GF Land again

I’m so sorry – we had an outage that is now resolved. @jwalton, would you let us know if you’re able to print now?

This is why a way to run off the cloud (in an offline mode) would be sooooo nice, so the entire community isn’t shut down when there is a power outage/glitch at the home base!

(and I had some offline errors today too–wasn’t sure if me, as my modem/network has disconnected itself a couple times today since I switched to the newest version modem from Comcast yesterday–and down 6+ hours then, too. Grrrr, but able to get it set up back & running last night.)

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Yup, everything is fine now. Feel free to close this. :slight_smile:

Thanks - I’m glad to hear that! If you run into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic. Happy printing!