Glowforge Not Powering On

My glowforge was working this morning and now it will not power on.

do you have a pro? there is an interlock in the back by the power cord that if it comes loose and is not fully seated no power.

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I don’t think thats how the safety interlock works but i might be wrong. I thought it just stopped the machine not powered it down or prevented powering up.


Have you tried plugging something else into the same wall outlet to make sure there is still power there? Check the breaker?

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The interlock does not affect power. It simply halts the machine.


my understanding is if that clip is not seated the unit won’t power up.

I have a pro, but have not had to deal with this. just going boy what i have read.

now to be clear calling it an interlock probably isn’t completely accurate. as I have interlocks on my Flow Cytometer, but other folks have called it that so that’s what I went with :slight_smile:

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Hello @kelly.nyzen - I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into this trouble.

I’ve just came across your email ticket and sent some next steps for items to look into. I wanted to follow up here as well just to close the loop to let you know I’d reached back out.

I’ll go ahead and close this topic here and we can finish up via that email ticket.