Glowforge not printing at assigned settings

Hi - I am trying to cut some acrylic (both proofgrade and non proofgrade) and the glowforge doesn’t print at the settings I pick/save. It is defaulting to some random custom setting that is too low to cut through anything. I have reset the browser, restarted the GF, checked the lens, and adjusted the crumbtray. It even shows the right settings when I hit the button and still somehow cuts at reduced speed (163 seems to be its favorite number). I am out of ideas!

How do you know what settings it’s using if it shows the right ones? I’m a little confused by the description.

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I set something at full speed and power and hit print, when I go back into settings it has adjusted to a lower speed.

I just noticed an error message - it says I am not printing at recommended settings but I have picked a proofgrade material and for one of the runs I didn’t touch the settings this time.

Your laser cuts things by burning through them. Moving slower means burning the same spot for a longer time, which will cut through thicker materials. Moving faster means burning the same spot for less time, which won’t cut all the way through thicker materials.

You said you set it to full speed, but full speed is too fast to cut through any material, even paper. 168 speed is actually the Proofgrade cut speed for several medium (1/8") Proofgrade materials on a Glowforge Basic or Glowforge Plus. If you had started with Proofgrade Cut and opened the settings panel, it would be correct to see 168 speed has been set for you.


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If you haven’t already, I strongly urge you to work through the Glowforge tutorials as you will become familiar with the interface, settings and defaults.

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