Glowforge not recognizing proofgrade material

My GF won’t recognize the proofgrade material I’m putting in the machine. Even if I chose the material by clicking the material box in the upper left corner it still says it’s not proofgrade. Because of this the GF won’t load the settings for the material and it won’t cut through. Any help would be appreciated.

If you select a PG material, it uses PG settings, despite the warning. That’s why it says “cut” instead of the actual settings on the left side.


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Sometimes, I get a piece of PG that the machine won’t recognize. @elfguy is right, though, one you select your material, it will continue to give you the warning, but it will use PG settings.

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I wonder if that is actually thick acrylic? (Possible it got mislabelled?)

Do you have a set of digital calipers? If so, please measure the thickness of the material. If it is actually “Thick” acrylic, the thickness should be around 0.236 inches.

If it is mislabelled Thin acrylic, the thickness will be more like 0.125 inches.

And one other thing - you’ll want to keep a close eye on it cutting that design out of thick acrylic. It’s got a lot of cuts close together, and it could catch fairly easily. Don’t walk away from it.

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It’s cutting to fast on draft board and not cutting through. I did just fine on one board and then the rest it just scored them. I had to readjust the default cut speed.


I was just trying different material to see if I got the same error message.

Oh, different material might be why you got the error message.

If you’re using the Thick Acrylic settings, the auto-focus goes out and takes a reading to determine the thickness of the material. If it doesn’t match what the program expects to see there, you will get that error message.

If it’s just not reading the QR code, try turning it around so that it is in the upper lefthand corner. The lid camera can read it upside down.

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I’m sorry you are having trouble with prints. I see you’ve emailed into us about this as well and we are helping you there. Everyone here also seems to have given you some great advice, thank you, everyone! At this time I am going to close this thread so we can continue working with you via email.