GlowForge...Nothing Happening

GF printed no problem. Turned it on…nothing. Has same old image from last print in it. Goes from “Scanning” to “Setup” …and it’s stuck there.

Any ideas what to do here?

I logged outta GF website. Logged back in.
Changed order in which things are turned on.


Students need to get stuff done.

Cheers for any help

You might want to, first turn off your glowforge, then move the print head directly under the camera so the glowforge logo is under the camera. Now turn on the power to the glowforge and see if that helps. Silly as it sounds, it works for some problems. Good luck.


I’m sorry that you ran into trouble when trying to use your Glowforge, and for our team’s delayed response.

It looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great! Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing any problems?

I looked at the past logs to investigate the problem, and it seems like your unit was running into trouble during the calibration step. During calibration, the lid camera finds the Printer Head by taking a series of images. There are a few different reasons this error may be occurring. If it happens again, please walk through the steps below to get back on track.

Once you’ve had a chance to perform these troubleshooting steps, turn on your Glowforge and let it try the calibration again. If you are still having trouble, let us know.

Hi Ivan,
Thanks for getting back to me. Yes it’s back up and running. I did a thorough cleaning etc. and it fired up.

Thanks again for the support.

That’s great news Dave! I’m glad that you’re back up and printing now. I’ll go ahead and close this thread, but if you run into trouble again please reach out and our team will be happy to help.