Glowforge Offline Going on 2nd Day

Is anyone having an issue with logging onto the Glowforge network? It was working fine until about mid-day on Friday. Still receiving “offline” message this morning. I have read through the various strings from other customers with related offline issues, tried the recommendations offered there and still no success. Even the “Waiting for you to connect to Glowforge WiFi” message during setup has been “flashing” for over 15 min. Any suggestions?

Oh…and my home WiFi is working great!!

Does the GF calibrate when you turn it on? If it does it has a connection to the cloud and the offline status is bogus. If it doesn’t it can’t connect to the cloud.

Unfortunately there is no other indication from the Glowforge to indicate it is connected to your network and if it is connected if it can reach the cloud through the internet. Support advice seems to be to redo the wifi setup again by holding down the button until it turns teal.

I would log on to my router and see if it thinks the GF is connected and then try pinging it from a PC on the same network.

If you have another device or computer verify it is offline there as well. Clear browser cache or try another browser if possible just to verify it isn’t your end as well.

Has worked, and is working fine for me.

Glowforge provided a web site about a week ago so that we can check the status of their services. Nothing indicated there.


I’m confused by this part. It sounds like you’re re-doing the WiFi setup here, so at this point are you seeing the Glowforge broadcasting its WiFi network? Are you able to connect to it? What happens then?

No, it does not begin to calibrate. “Offline” is displayed prominently once opening the app. I attempted to go through the setup steps again. That’s when got the proverbial “connecting to Glowforge WiFi” message.

Well, there goes my “training.” The bright side is that I’ll be able to “re-connect” with my family now (see what I did there? yuk, yuk). BTW, what is the divorce rate among Glowforge owners. I might need a good lawyer…just kidding!! My sophomoric humor has known to get me into more trouble than it has gotten me out of).

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Ok, so when go through setup again, is your Glowforge button glowing teal? Do you then connect to the WiFi network the Glowforge is broadcasting? What happens after that? Here’s a video that @rpegg made of the whole process. It might be helpful to follow along with that and let us know where your experience goes differently.


Thank you!! I will follow the video and provide feedback. But no sir, it does NOT glow teal or any other color. It’s as dark as a blackout in California.

After you have connected once you need to hold the button down to go back the teal state where the GF becomes a Wifi hotspot.

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I just saw the video. OMG, it is “must see TV” for all of us newbies!! I’m traveling now but I will use this tutorial when I get home.

What I find confusing in the video is where the last web page with hurrah is coming from? The laptop was connected to the Glowforge hotspot but the GF has stopped hosting that and connected to the cloud. Presumable the PC silently reconnected to @rpegg’s home network and got the hurrah page from It is no wonder people get confused by the process as I don’t think all devices will silently switch back to another network seamlessly like that. Or does the hurrah page come from the GF?

I also see recommendations to use a phone in aeroplane mode. How the hell does that work as it turns off WIFI?

It does seem like a very confusing procedure to me and it is only a couple months since I made and programmed a WIFI connected turntable that starts as a hotspot and asks for WIFI credentials and then connects to a network. Somehow it does the same thing with a much less confusing procedure. Probably because there is no cloud involved.

On my phone ‘Airplane Mode’ turns off WiFi, just like yours, as well as cellular and Bluetooth and anything else that transmits. Setup was probably just tested with just a few phones at most. Strange thing is, I’ve never seen anyone run into it as a problem or complain about it on the forum.

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On an iDevice, doesn’t it try to use the cellular network connection for data when you connect to a network with no external internet access? Therefore it won’t let you access the devices landing page to set the device up.

@palmercr : you do the same thing you do when using WiFi on an airplane. Turn on airplane mode and then turn on WiFi enabling the WiFi radio.

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I am on an IPhone 8 and can put it in airplane mode and have WiFi on or off. My wife has a samasung that can do the same thing. Not sure about others though.

Yes. 2 hours ago it was printing. Now it is saying “offline.” I have turned it on/off several times.

And I’m online!

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OK…I followed the video. Got the teal light, etc. Everything worked well up to the point of connecting Glowforge to WiFi. I select Glowforge WiFi and it seems to “automatically” disconnect my home WiFi. Tried it over 5 times with similar results.

BTW, I did got the “Huzzah” message.

If you got the Huzzah the GF should be connected to your laptop and the laptop is no longer connected to your wifi network. After the GF is connected to your local wifi, you may need to manually connect your computing device (laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone) to your wifi network at that point to continue.

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