Glowforge Offline

The glowforge is showing offline when I connect through the app. I have shut both it and the computer down so that they would reset. The glowforge does not do its calibration dance when it starts up at all. Worked fine yesterday during the day and at the end of the day it went offline. Still shows that today also. Tried to reset up the glowforge on a secure network at our school and it shows up with an error message. Any ideas would be great. We have a deadline to make plaques for our school and this puts a crunch on it. I have also sent in a support ticket. Just seeing what else is out there.


Mark Garber

Well it’s not happy news, but thanks to the new status page, we can at least conclude that it’s more likely a problem on your end, not their end.

If it worked before, maybe reset that wireless router? Maybe try setting it up again on a phone hot spot?


We are having the same issue. About to try a hard reset for the wifi connection. If anyone sorts out the cause It would be great to know.

It is hard to reset the wifi since we are located in a school.

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It’s difficult to understand exactly what has occurred by your description. Step by step. You said it was working yesterday. On the same network? Did the school IT folks do anything special to give you access? If same network and and a standard setup, you can probably just go through the setup procedure again by connecting to with your computer and then holding down the print button down for 10 seconds until the button glows teal. Follow the directions.

If you have never been on this particular network it may use a protocol and security settings beyond what the GF can support.


Thanks for this!!! I have been trying to get it connected to my new network and did now know I had to hold down the button for 10 seconds!

I tried to reset up the glowforge on the wifi. I keep coming up with the device error. Try set up again.

We have no cell phone reception where we are located.

We had the tech guys look at the wifi connection and it has a real strong signal and that it is connecting to the internet. It looks like it is connecting when the teal light is on. It still shows that it is offline. Any ideas??

When the teal light is on it should only be available for you to connect from your computing device to the GF. Then you tell it to connect to a specific network at which time it will disconnect from your computing device and connect to your network and internet.

There is a video somewhere in the tutorials showing the process. I don’t have good access to search right now.

I have tried multiple times when the teal light is on to connect, but in order for the teal light to come on I have to hold the button down. I have a device error that pops up when I try to connect the glowforge to the school internet now. Is there a factory reset on the glowforge to bring it back to the factory settings.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.