Glowforge over heating

I’m having an issue with my glowforge not printing. It show the “cooling down” message. I’ve deal cleaned the machine and checked all the connections. I’m thinking it may be a faulty sensor. The unit is a 3 year old basic model. Any advice is appreciated !

If it shows the “cooling down” message for more than 10 min shut off the machine and feel the head. It is possible that a short in the head could be heating the head up while it says it is cooling down.

There are two things to investigate:

(1) Is it actually overheating? Cooling is primarily provided by air flow through the machine driven by the exhaust fan. If the exhaust fan, the metal grate behind it, or whatever’s on the other end of your exhaust hose are blocked up with buildup keeping air from flowing, the machine will overheat.

(2) Is this bundle of wires getting rubbed by your drag chain as the laser arm moves forwards and backwards? It’s on the left side of the machine, next to the coolant tank. If it’s not pushed out of the way, the drag chain can damage or disconnect the wire to the temperature sensor for the coolant, and it will give you spurious “cooling down” messages.


I check the coolant sensor cable and it does not make contact. I’ll check the temperature of the head. There is an air conditioner unit directly above the glowforge and the temp in my shop is 67 degrees.

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Also, make sure the intake fan located on the bottom right side of the machine hasn’t sucked up a piece of paper.


If it is a faulty sensor is there a way to bypass that sensor ? Does anyone know how to read the diagnostic report ?

Support can look at logs but I can take a peek if you want to upload them here.

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