Glowforge passthrough for images not words

Hey all!
I have a glowforge plus (edit: I have the pro.) I have had it for a few months now still learning. However the reason I bought the pro over the others was to use the passthrough. I havent gotten the time to try using that feature yet and to be honest I’m pretty intimidated by it
I am working on an outdoor acyrlic line of signs. One request was a compass. Approx 15" in diameter. I am wondering if anyone has done an image on the passthrough and not just words…and if so, could you guide me through step l by step on how It is done. I have watched the tutorials on youtube and read through some forums about the passthrough but all seem to be of words not a single image design.


The plus doesn’t have the passthrough, only the pro has that. Do you have the pro? If so, you are going to have to divide your artwork into sections before loading in the Glowforge interface. Which graphics program are you using?

There are several tutorials (with pictures) on using the Passthrough function in the Tips and Tricks section of the forum, but as stated above, the plus does not have a passthrough slot. You can, however, fit up to 18" tall material in any of the machines, so you could still print a 15" diameter design in sections following those instructions.

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Yes sorry I have the pro lol I use Adobe ps and inkscape

I have seen the tutorials for words. And the compass is a circle therefore I cant do it as one solid cut. Also I have the pro not thr plus :woman_facepalming: my mistake

There are quite a few post here in the forum regarding file preparation for the pass through. Here is one: Semi-automated file prep for pass-through


Thank you!

After scrolling through the instructions (which was really helpful so thank you to @markevans36301 for taking the time to write all that out! and thank you @dklgood for taking the time to help me out!) I actually stumbled upon a youtube tutorial which was exactly what I was looking for. Funnily enough Josh is one of the youtubers I followed to determine if I wanted to invest the money in the machine! I am canadian so I paid basically double the American price, plus customs and handling was another 1.5k I wasn’t expecting lol but for anyone who has the Pro, this video is perfect


Yes, as I said in my post above, there are several, including this one, in the tips and tricks forum.

They frequently post their videos here. This one was 8th in the list of topics, so I can see how you might have overlooked it.

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Hey, I’m glad to hear that the video helped you out!


Your videos are my go to’s! lol appreciate the tutorials and seeing what you come up with next.

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