Glowforge Plus stuck on "cancelling."

My new GF Plus has decided that it wants to keep “cancelling” a print that I told it to delete. But in fact it doesn’t seem to be doing what it says. Continues to keep saying “cancelling” but nothing is happening. Could use some help please.

I have seen that in several programs, When I close that web page and open the location again I find that the job is done. I suspect that it hangs up deleting a file that is no longer there.


Try closing the browser and shutting the Glowforge down and restarting it again.


I’ve tried that now several times with no luck. Getting a little frustrated here. Have owned 3 GF Plus units and have never had this problem.

Document the errors with time, screenshots, and photos as far as you can go and send in at the lower left of this page where it says Support, unless you can get a better idea from the page.

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