Glowforge Plus won't go past focusing

I have been using my glowforge plus for a few weeks now and have only had a few connecting issues that I was able to resolve. Now my glowforge won’t go past focusing. I have reset the connection to see if that would fix it and it did not. I have cleaned all of the lenses to see if there may have been something dirty and that didn’t fix it. I have tried turning it off an on and at this point I am stuck. I was hoping to use this as a reliable machine to use for a home based business. I have orders that I was supposed to take care of and have had to refund people because I was not able to fill the orders. How do I fix this issue?

Here’s a list of things to check / try:

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Have done all of that again just now and power on the machine Head still dont move!!!

its very frustrating especially paying that much and only in to using it less than 2 months time!!!

Please what’s next?

hello jseely 85, what’s up? I am also going through all this, I have cleaned the camera, the lenses, practically the whole machine, I have tried to leave it on for 20 min with the lid open and the head in the center, also reset the wifi and if that being the same I know locked in centering, but at the beginning I told the program that the lid was open. I also have business and I use it a lot. I’ve been two days if I can do anything.

From your Facebook post it looks like you’ve got an orange button. That would be important information to include for Support. If it’s a temperature problem it should have cooled down by now, so I suspect they’re going to be the only ones who can help you at this point.


I was replying to the original poster. :slight_smile:

Slow down and take a deep breath.

She is not gf support, she is a user just like you and I. She was trying to help you, but it past what she can do. She is simply saying you will have to wait for official support.

i guess i am new in this and dont know who is replying etc. am i writing with glowforge owners in here or are these just customers commenting?

so sorry i am new and i thought the emails I have been gettting were from glowforge people. so sorry. and i appreciate all the help i am just frustrated. sorry .
now i understand. i have send support all the informations

Official Glowforge support and staff will have “Staff” under their pictures.

This is a community forum and because issues are often fairly common the community members can provide solutions in many cases before Support can pick up the ticket.

However, if you prefer to only deal with GF staff you can send them an email ( and they’ll deal with your issue directly offline.

If you post here it creates a ticket for Support. If you email them that’s also a ticket so you want to do one or the other in the future.


ok thank you i have emailed them and still waiting. now i understand this community thank you

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.