Glowforge powered off mid print and won’t turn back on

Hey GF community!

I’ve seen a few posts about other users having their glowforge’s power off mid print but the program is still counting down. I couldn’t find any outcomes from this and need advice/help!

I tried everything I read from the forums/FAQ’s and then submitted a ticket. I sent them a video and they said since it’s not powering back on it’s an issue they’d need me to send my machine in for to get repaired. PROBLEM! My wedding is in little over a month and I’m trying to finish all of my
Signs :frowning: so it’s either wait at least 8 weeks for parts/repairs (no guarantee and my wedding will be over by then) or pay the $1650 option to get a refurbished one. I’m really frustrated because I’ve had it less then 2 years and only use it for personal projects. So maybe a few times a month, if that? And it’s already broke and I need to shell out almost 2k more?! HELP PLEASE!! Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

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The machine has failed and no way around it, it will need to be replaced.


Thank you for your reply! I was dreading this solution!

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This has now happened to me, twice, once on two separate machines. It’s really a shame that Glowforge has this Achilles Heel, a cheap (I’m betting somewhat less than $100) power supply bringing down a $5,000 system as frequently as it does. Then, when it comes time to repair it, they want more than $1,000. $1K to fix a chronic problem that they have had in their systems since the very beginning. Absurd!


I 100% agree Dave! I was told they rarely have issues and are giving me the lowest average repair cost, even if that means they take a loss?! To me, that means they must have some hefty repairs coming through to average $1650 when your most expensive replacement part online is $150! Something isn’t adding up! And you have to have data from repairs to go off of in order to come up with that “average” so if this rarely happens, then how’d they come up with that number?

This is actually my second machine too but different issue! First one I didn’t even get to make one cut with! Fresh out of the box it had a faulty lid sensor.

I stated that I had read about this same issue happening to numerous people and they came back saying they can’t speak on others purchase experiences made on social media sites. But
I said this wasn’t coming from social media like Facebook! it was the Glowforge Forum! So actual, registered glowforge users! If they can’t back up their own forum, then why have it!

They also told me they can’t speak on posts made in social media platforms because I stated I have read about this happening before to multiple people!

As a short fix, can you outsource what you need for your wedding to help your stress level!! Good luck and congrats on your wedding.

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Good point! That sounds less stressful lol.

There also are maker spaces that might have a machine that is faster and you can knock it out in less time. Just depends on where you are located.


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