Glowforge Premium help

I am new to Glowforge so forgive me if I am asking something stupid. I got my Glowforge last week and have it all setup and have completed several projects. I am not new to lasers just Glowforge.

Last week when I completed all the registration, I was elevated to the premium for a trial period. In the catalog, there are several item that say free with premium. I have tried to select a few items to try out these designs but it still try’s to charge me. Am I missing something? Are the designs not free during the trial period?

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Sometime you have to go all the way to checkout before the price changes to zero. If it doesn’t change to zero, support will have to let you know what is going on.

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Thanks for the reply. I took it all the way to entering the credit card. Still was saying it would charge.

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Watch for the chat option on the Glowforge support page or wait here and they will answer your question.

The only other thing I’d double check is that you’re signed into the store with the same email as you’re signed into the :glowforge: - the Premium is linked to an email address. If it’s not that, yeah, wait for a staff member to get here and they should be able to confirm for you.


I find that most of the time I have to sign on when switching to the catalog or store section of the GF website. I could be on the community signed on then switch to the catalog to get one of the free premium files and it will want to charge me and then I notice it says “sign in” on the top instead of my user name.

I’m not sure that the “free with premium” designs are free during the trial period.

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Thanks for all the replies. I am logged in while in the shop. I just think that designs are not available for free while on trial. I think they should at least let you try something so I can see the process and decide if the premium is worth the price.

If you pick on the plus sign (+)on the GFUI page there are hundreds of designs free with Premium that are available to you now and are not after the trial unless you sign on.

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david24 - I’m sorry for the confusion! During the trial, in order to get the Design of the Month or the Free with Premium catalog designs, you will need a credit card on file. Once you provide your credit card, you’ll be able to download the designs for free. Please note, you will need to enter your credit card here and not when purchasing a design from the shop.

If you add your credit card during the trial, your payment will be processed at the end of your trial period. And of course, you can cancel anytime.