Glowforge Premium subscription - Help needed

Hi All, |Can anybody tell me how I subscribe to ‘Premium’ , I have tried this on all my mac’s, windows and phone but whenever i press the upgrade button it just takes me back to the main page. I have emailed, messaged support but even they dont answer me, can anyone please help as it is actually driving me a bit nuts. Thanks

Your best bet is to contact Glowforge support/sales, but while waiting for a response, try a different browser. What browser are you currently using?


thanks, I have contacted them numerous times and they never get back to me, I am using firefox, but have tried safari, with no luck. Can you suggest a browser you know that works, windows or Mac. Thanks

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If you sent them an email and you didn’t not get an almost instantaneous auto-response then either you’re not getting their messages or they’re not getting yours. You should check your spam folder (and add to your whitelist).

In the meantime, they have a phone number listed at and are open M-F Pacific time regular hours (not sure if it’s 9-5 or some variation that’s close to that).

:glowforge: recommends Chrome so I’d try that - do you have any pop-up or ad blocker on your browser? I believe the membership window is a pop-up.




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