Glowforge premium trial inquiry

Since I have recently opened my box, and am still within the temporary time for premium, does that mean I can get some of the free files or does that pertain to only if you pay for the long term premium program? When I click on them, it says buy, just wondering before I click and get charged for things.

The Free Laser Designs section of the forum is for sharing files. You will want to contact Glowforge to get your question answered. I suggest you move your post Problems and Support or email Glowforge with your question. Glowforge personnel does not read this section of the forum.

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sorry for asking dumb question, just thought community members would know since they have been through already, sighing in embarrassment.

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Please don’t be embarrassed. There may be members that know the answer, but only Glowforge can give the definitive answer. A member that recently had the trial membership may be able to share their experience. This forum is for asking and answering one another’s questions and is a friendly, respectful place.

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Here is something I found in the forum that may answer your question (unless things have changed). It includes input from Glowforge staff.


If you have a free premium trial with your new glowforge, I would think you could grab those free files. Just my way of thinking. BUT, you need to make sure you are signed in.

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Here is what I found out, and thank you guys for your assistance. You can add them to your dashboard, but if you don’t continue premium, you lose them, You get them free as long as you are in premium. So use them before your 14 days are up. or join premium.


I just moved your post over to the other category, but it would be best if you emailed support directly.

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