Premium Designs Free with Trial

It’s not clear to me if the “Free with Premium” Designs are included in the Trial. While I can see these design, it appears there is still a charge to use them. Is this correct or am I missing something?

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Just add them to your cart. You won’t be charged when checking out. :slight_smile:


If you do not subscribe, you will not have access to those designs, whether you added them to your dashboard, or not.


@Just-Maken-It the Free With Premium designs are available once you have signed up for Glowforge Premium.

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So, the “free designs” are not included in the trial?

following, was just wondering this earlier today.

Wondering this as well.
I’m curious about these premium designs, and they could be a reason to subscribe… but I’d like to try one out before plopping down $50/month.

Did you miss the “wrapped in a mystery” box during the free trial?

“Free designs” and “Free with Premium” designs are two different categories. The free ones are always free; the free with premium are only free when you’re signed up for Premium. If you cancel your premium subscription, they stop being free.

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I asked support about this directly, and they gave me a longer version of what Andy said above.

Sign-up for Premium (give them your CC#)
Download (and print?) the fancy free with premium design you want.
Cancel Premium, or at least cancel it just before you’re charged at the end of the trial.
This will allow you to try the premium designs without paying for premium.

Ultimately, if you just bought your Glowforge, and you’re automatically in the premium trial, you get to try most of premium, but you don’t actually get to download the fancy monthly free design.

However, you can formally sign-up for Premium (give them your credit card), download those fancy designs and try them, and then cancel your premium service, before you actually get charged.

Whether you can use the designs after you cancel premium, I don’t know.
But at least for me, I just wanted to try out some of these more elaborate designs before I actually paid for premium, and while non-obvious, it seems that is possible.


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