GlowForge printing lighter shade than it should... Why? Please help!

For some reason the bottom half of the bottom row of these did not print as dark as it should have. I have printed this same design before just as pictured without this issue. I have never seen this happen before & I don’t know where to start to figure out what went wrong. Please Help!

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Is this proofgrade material? My guess is that this is a focus issue caused by the material not being completely flat against the honeycomb tray at this edge. Have you printed anything since this happened, and what was the result? Try cleaning all of your optics and making sure your board is flat.


Agreed - is your material flat? You might print some hold down pins and try those if not. Cleaning is always good as well.


Or it could just be that your optics need cleaning.

@dklgood @mrinken @geek2nurse Thank you all for assisting! Yes it is proofgrade. The last shipment of medium basswood plywood I received was super warped! Laying flat I could see nearly a half inch of space under the middle. I emailed support & they said that just happens to the material sometimes & suggested laying it flat with some heavy stuff on top to flatten it back out… I did that for a few days but I need to get this project done & the material still wasn’t flat. So I decided to try it & use some heavy duty magnets to hold it flat. It was pretty darn flat against the honeycomb… I did print something else today & that did not happen. I have cleaned the optics somewhat recently, but I could try that. Thanks for your support!

Climate is going to do a lot to any thin wood like this. I’m in Colorado and thus things dry out quick and warp. The hold down pins are crucial to me using the GF. I’ll use many of them to keep things flat while cutting.

Rare earth magnets work well too, but they can mess with the fan. I’d stick with the hold down pins.

Hello @amelia.tigner it looks like you sent an email yesterday that we’ve replied too. I’m going to go ahead and follow up with you there. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post.