Glowforge Pro Arrived Completely Unusable

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After waiting three weeks to receive our Glowforge Pro, it finally arrived.

(The ordering/delivery process is outside of the scope of this thread, but was infuriating to say the least.)

Some quick background: prior to receiving our Pro, a Glowforge representative emailed us and advised that our Starter Pack was not shipped with the Pro due to an error, but the error was caught, and the Starter Pack has shipped separately.

But not all of the errors were caught.
Our machine arrived completely unusable.

In unboxing our machine, it became apparent that:

  • No laser glasses were included with the machine (No urgent need, we’ll just email Glowforge to request they send them…)
  • No exhaust hose or hose clamps were included with the machine (Eh … okay, we can rig something up in the meantime…)
  • No crumb tray was included with the machine (Unusable? Check!)
  • No power cord was included with the machine (SERIOUSLY?!)

Simple logistics QC/QA would have caught these problems. Nevertheless, the saga of purchasing/delivery/setup and use of our Glowforge continues.

I’ve already emailed the support email address … we’ll see how long it takes to get the issue resolved. Given how long it took for us to receive our unusable Glowforge, I am not confident the issue will be resolved in a reasonable timeline

That said…

To all Glowforge representatives that read forum threads: there seem to be a couple of big issues that are plaguing the company–namely customer communication and logistics.

I sincerely hope our “Glowforge experience” to date is an outlier on the poor quality end of the spectrum, but there are numerous similar threads posted here on the forum. All Glowforge owners have a vested interest in the company succeeding … please, please, PLEASE work to “right the ship” in short order.


So sorry to hear! I had a rough start to my Glowforge experience as well, but they really did make everything right, and I’m sure they will with your unit as well. Mine came with a warped crumb tray that had to be replaced (they sent me a replacement) and my original unit wouldn’t cut out of the box. It was a bit frustrating but after a few weeks of waiting everything was good to go, and it was well worth the wait. I think they still have some growing pains and I’m sure they are also having trouble keeping up with all the new orders.

The best I can say is to hang in there and try to contact them if a day or two goes by and you don’t get a response.

A few other things that might be helpful: the crumb tray should be coming in a separate box, mine did not come with my main unit. For the power cord, I think it also comes in the separate box. Hopefully once you get that starter box you will be all squared away.


Your missing stuff most likely is in a separate shipment. That how it worked for all(?) of us. Patience grasshopper! :sunglasses:


Crumb tray and hose typically in another box. They will want to be finding that other package.


a Glowforge arrives in 2 (two) boxes.
Did you get 2 or just one?
(the 2nd box often arrives first, and is much smaller in size)


They should have told you another box with the rest of the parts are coming. All if us got two boxes. I got the crumb tray before the machine.


I apologize for the confusion and trouble regarding those missing materials. I have followed up in an email with more detailed information, so I’m going to close this thread.