Glowforge Pro Brand New Having Cutting Issues

HI I am new not sure if this is even the right way to ask for help. I sure hope so. I just recieved my Glowforge Pro 3 Days ago and when I go to cut a big circle or anything to the right side of bed it does not cut through. When I recieved the box it was a little banged up. I did take pics I have been searching for answers and i’m afraid to just jump and touch things, I did wipe the lenses as instructed and i noticed the side lens may have an issue if so how do I go about the process to get someone to help with maybe a return . I hope we can fix it before that needs to be done. Thank you in advance

The only way to contact support these days is via phone or email unfortunately. They no longer monitor this forum.

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Thank you

If the window on the Left side of the printing head looks burned or damaged that is an issue that needs to be done at the shop. Email support and send photos of that damage and they should take care of that relatively quickly an send you a different machine.

Sounds like delivery banged it up just enough to toss the mirror in the left side out of alignment. It’s a long time thing but still rare by the ratio numbers but if something is to go wrong during transit, it’s a high level culprit to be sure.

That should say “left side”.

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Good point yes (fixed)

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Thank you for your response.

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