Glowforge Pro Engraving Speed

Does anyone know how many inches per second the Glowforge Pro will engrave? I’ve been looking for this info everywhere but haven’t been able to find it yet. Any info would certainly be appreciated!

IPM - Inches per minute is a standard, and the company decided to adopt their own scale.
This post has a link to a conversion table that will translate the new scale to the older one that all other lasers use.


At 1000 speed, it takes 1.4s to travel 10" - so just over 7ips. Then of course you need to factor in the time it takes for the head to stop and reverse direction. For a 10" pass, that averages out at 2s, so 5ips. That overhead would be lower for larger width engraves.

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The correct answer is… 5.58 inches per second at 1,000 speed.

1000 speed engraving is 335 inches per minute, then divide by 60 for seconds.


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