Glowforge PRO exhaust fan

It seems like my GF PRO fan in the back of rhe machine has stopped running. Is anyone able to tell me more about it so I know what it is supposed to look like or how it runs? Here is a picture of it. Does it looked jammed? There’s some stuff on the bottom but I didn’t want to remove in case it was supposed to be there. Does it look like it came out of place?


This is the fan that expels smoke from inside the Glowforge to the outside. It needs to function or the smoke will escape into the room and your machine will not work properly if the fumes are not moving out. You need to clean those fan blades. It isn’t necessarily easy, but with qtips or straw brushes it can be done and should be done regularly.

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Can’t tell from your picture. What you can see is the grill, which is part of the case and does not move. The exhaust fan is important, if you are not using an inline fan or Glowforge filter. If you are using either of these, the exhaust fan is turned off via the preferences pull down menu.

Thanks for the response. Yes I am aware what the function is but unaware on if that stuff in the bottom is gunk or if it has come off a track so to speak and that was the foam under it. Hard to explain lol. But yes the blades are not moving and I don’t know why

Thanks. Not using anything other than the foil line to go out the window. I figured the plastic wouldn’t move but the blades inside aren’t moving manually and definitely aren’t moving when machine is on :frowning:

I use an external fan, so I’m not sure, but I think the fan may only run when a job is in progress. Is it not running when you start a job?

Check under the pull down menu (three dots) and check to see if the inline filter in selected on… this will turn off the exhaust fan. If it is selected off, I would say a call to customer support is in order.

Do you hear the fan try to engage when you cut something? If not, as stated above the air filter toggle may have gotten engaged accidentally.

@heatherahosier I am so sorry the fan on your Glowforge printer is not running. It looks like you sent us an email regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.