Glowforge Pro Filter?

Is there any update on the filters? I received my Glowforge in November of 2017 with the promise that the filter would follow shortly…still nothing and no updates 18 months later. As an early supporter I would have hoped for a little more communication.

If you search for “@dan filter”, you’ll see that there has indeed been quite a bit of communication from Dan/Glowforge on this matter.

You’re not alone, obviously. GF long ago went to a pull-type of communication and not a push-type by default.

And so on. There are solutions both official and unofficial, but no word on the release date of the official original design.

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Thank you…you searching skills are superior to mine! I guess I was just hoping I might get a direct email rather than searching for answers. Thank you for all the information it was helpful. Now I need to decide if I jump ship and take the compact filter or keep waiting for the original one…

… or cut a hole and vent? If you can vent without incurring angry neighbors or poisoning someone, it’s a lot easier. No media to replace, no moving parts, just a nice 4" hole to cut.


I’m president of the “cut a hole in your house” fan club. If I had to pay for filter cartridges, I wouldn’t own a laser cutter.


I created a “fancy” 4-ply, foam core window insert complete with dryer vent hole…it works, but the fumes are still fairly pungent.

It took me a few weeks to get my long exhaust run sealed, but ever since the only time I smell anything is when I open the lid postop and get a whiff.

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