I feel a bit ignored - Air Filter Availability and Alternatives

…as do I think many others. I know that the air filter question is an ongoing saga and that the under device one is still in limbo. What I don’t understand is that Glowforge has introduced the compact filter as an alternative, yet no one can articulate how existing customers can order one.

I assume that Glowforge is not manufacturing the compact filter, so it must be a rebrand of someone else’s. If Glowforge is not going to make it readily available can they at least point us to the make and model of where we can get a comparable one that would be compatible with our Glowforge?

I am currently venting out my window but I got noise complaints from the high pitch whine. So right now I have a $5000 toy that I cannot use until I have a sealed fume extractor to run it to.

I have been so happy with my Glowforge results and I Don’t think I or anyone else is asking a great deal when it comes to the fume extractor options. If Glowforge cannot source or manufacture their own in a timely manner then at least point us to an option that will work with our glowforge systems

thank you

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If the only complaint is the high-pitched whine, put a muffler on it - $30 solution vs $1000+Recurring filter costs.

Mine is virtually silent from outside.


I have it is still bringing complaints along with the smoke smell drifting into neighbors yards - I appreciate the suggestion though (I am being sincere here). The main point of this thread is to have glowforge address the ongoing saga of an air filtration system and to offer solutions for their customers. I understand they are having manufacturing challenges - I am (along with many others) are looking for an alternative. I am asking to either make the compact filter readily available to order or suggest alternatives that are sanctioned or workable with our Glowforge.

For example i was looking at these: I was thinking the FA2

i just don’t know which would be best and if Glowforge would endorse their use and turn on the feature in the app for an external filter as if we had purchased their compact filter (which irinically we cant)

Eventually that option is going to be available for all machines. (The ability to reduce fan speed to allow for filter use.) I’m not sure when it will be available, but i do remember Dan saying it would be.

Until then, you would probably have to ask them to turn it on for you if it’s not already on your machine. (It’s in the Settings gear.)

Its not - but the more important question is when can i buy the compact filter or what 3rd party filter can I use - Glowforge, what do you say?


Not sure I understand why adding an active filter requires the on board fan to be turned off or slowed. Lots of us are using booster fans in our vent piping. What is it about the filter that makes this required?

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Heck if i know. :smile:

These seem like pretty basic questions yet I seem to be unable to get a straight answer from Glowforge. I found a great deal on a used Fumex FA2 which looks like it would do the trick ($450 used with a few hundred dollars for a freight) - I would be happy to buy the compact filter directly from Glowforge (if it was available) or i could get any answer on will it be available anytime soon or at all for existing customers.

I’m not sure what answer you want. Glowforge has been thoroughly and consistently cagey about endorsing anything they don’t make, whether it’s non-Proofgrade materials, ventilation booster fans, or even the use of an exhaust hose clamp other than the one that comes in the box. I’ve been on this forum since the very beginning and one thing I can say for certain is they’re not going to tell you to go ahead and use that Fumex. You’re going to have to rely on third-party sources of information.

So why can’t they just tell you who makes their filter? For one thing, they’re also shy about trade secrets. You and I may have different opinions about what constitutes a secret, but until Dan or his lawyers change their minds, they pretty much share nothing about vendors or designs or plans for the future. And even if they were willing to tell you who their manufacturing partner is, it’s a custom design for Glowforge. You can’t get one. They’re currently selling as fast as they can make them, so it’s not like there are extras on the shelf at the factory.

The last update said they’d finished shipping the backlog and they’re now available to purchase with new Glowforge orders. It seems pretty likely that the next step is to make them available separately, once they have enough available to satisfy demand.

In the meantime… Glowforge’s smoke is about the same as any other laser produces, so as far as I know there’s no good reason not to think a filter is a filter is a filter.


CFM difference between the filter and the onboard fan.

I thought about that. But wouldn’t it be better if the onboard fans were turned off so they’d freewheel (Dan has said the electronics support this) rather than have the filter fan running at higher CFM rates than the still powered but reduced speed on board fans? The GF fans would seem to be pulled by the filter fans running higher CFMs causing electronic drag that I think is different than the electrical feedback Dan said they were protected from.

It’s not available as a standalone purchase right now. I’m sorry this was unclear.

While the manufacturer does make product with the same outside case, they use different fans, carbon, filter case, pleating, and several other components. Unfortunately, we’ve found the stock version they sell does not perform well, which is why we had to specify a heavily customized version of the product.

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend or endorse products that we haven’t tested ourselves.

Rather than close this topic, I’m going to move it to Beyond the Manual so others can share any experiences or advice they have about systems like the one you’re asking about. I hope you can find a solution that works for you!


This is exactly what happens.

Which would be perfect for setups that have remote boosters. In my case I have a downrange booster that is rated for 450 CFM. But I have to ‘mute’ it down to 190~200 CFM in order to not overdrive/overcome the stock internal fan. This new option would turn off the stock fan and I can run the booster at full beans. Since it’s 20ft and in the attic, this would locally quiet down the Glowforge.


Thanks Dan

I completely understand it’s not being sold separately - that is the crux of my question: WHEN will it be available to be purchased separately. For some reason, this is more common than I like but offers and perks are granted potential customers that are not given to existing loyal customers. So my actual question is WHEN can I buy one. One would think that existing customers would be addressed first before offering it to new customers, or at the very least simultaneously.

Can I please have the option turned on in my software for the external Compact Filter so I can test myself.

As you may know, we first offered it to customers who bought a Glowforge Air Filter; we haven’t yet started offering it as a standalone product in the shop yet. We haven’t announced a date but will let folks know if and when it’s available as a standalone purchase.

Got it, thank you for the request - we’ll put it in the hopper.

You’ll probably be happy to read this:

You probably got the fastest hopper request fulfilled in the history of Glowforge.




Awesome thanks!!!

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