Glowforge Pro LSO Training materials/Pro Glasses missing

Hello all. I am setting up my GF Pro and in the manual it mentions the Glowforge Pro LSO Training Materials being emailed as a password protected document.

I have searched all of my emails and don’t have this. Anxious to set up but not sure if there is anything different to set up with this information so I am …trying to be patient.

Any ideas when, how I can/will receive this?

Also, the PRO Glasses aren’t anywhere in my box or accessory box. It mentions these are packed for PRO only. Seems like they are missing.

Thank in advance!

Glasses are no longer provided. They are unnecessary.

The Pro “safety manual” basically tells you not to peek thru the passthrough slots while the machine is printing. Keep curious kids out of the room and you’ll be fine.

(The glasses would help protect those kids from peeking thru the slots if you can’t keep them away…)

Well, technically they should be used if the shields are removed (I took mine out when I set it up and they’ll only go back in if I need to ship it back to the mother ship). Especially when being used with a pass through project I’ve seen the seals have small openings around the top edge of the material on either side.

Theoretically there is a remote (although extraordinarily small) possibility that a laser reflection could escape. So the “safe” advice is that everyone in the room when the Passthrough is in use should wear CO2 laser safety glasses - they’re only like $30 or so and available on Amazon (without the cool Glowforge logo).

That being said, mine have been living in a drawer. My personal risk assessment is like yours :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for posting!

I see that you have an open support ticket, so I’ve sent you the Pro LSO training materials there.

Regarding the glasses, these are not currently included with the purchase of a Glowforge Pro.

Because the Glowforge Pro is a Class 4 laser, someone must be assigned as a “Laser Safety Officer” (LSO). The LSO makes sure your Glowforge Pro is used safely. The LSO training we provide recommends safety precautions to create “Class 1 conditions.” These safety precautions include using Proofgrade materials or Pro Shields. When Class 1 conditions exist, the Glowforge Pro does not create any additional laser safety hazards, and the glasses are not required.

The Glowforge Pro should only be used in public or around children when the Pro Shields are in place.

For advanced users who create their own laser safety plan, additional safety precautions such as signs and the included laser safety glasses may be required.

If you’d like to purchase the Pro Glasses, you can find them at our shop.