Glowforge pro not fully cutting 1/4 plywood proof grade

So we just got out pro model a week ago and are attempting to cut out a beverage caddy and using the 1/4 walnut plywood proof grade. 1st sheet cut through all the way no problems. Move on the the 2nd sheet to cut and it was hit and miss. Attempted to cut again over the pieces that didnt cut all the way through and ended with same results. I peeled off a little bit of the back part to see if I was getting flashback on the bottom in which I was

Try cleaning your optics. That’s the primary culprit when things stop cutting through.

EDIT: It also looks like you may have had some warp in that middle portion. Your material needs to be as flat as possible on the bed when cutting. :slight_smile:

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I had it as flat as I could. Not sure how else I can secure it to prevent warping in the mid section. Any recommendations are welcomed.


Thanks for the tips, everyone! Cleaning optics and addressing warp are great steps. I’d like to offer a few resources I think may help you address your cut-through issues, @kwittmuss

You can find tips on correcting warp and storing your materials here: Proofgrade™ Materials – Glowforge

Instructions for cleaning your optics and other important parts here: Cleaning – Glowforge

And finally, a few things you can look at to address cut-through issues here: Cut Didn't Go Through Material – Glowforge

I want to make sure you get the help you need, so I’m going to leave this ticket open. If you continue experiencing cut-through issues, please let us know and we’ll be happy to investigate further!