Glowforge Pro, PG material caught fire and had a loud pop

Was running a project, got to last 00:42 seconds of last cutting step. Sitting a few feet away from it I noticed a bright light coming from the GF, turned and saw a flame, the button was flashing amber, pressed it and opened the lid and put out the fire (the masking on the board) by the time I put out the fire from the masking I heard a loud POP near the back left of the machine, tripped my breaker in the room. Unplugged everything, reset breaker, and turned on my lights and used a flashlight to look inside, the belt that the laser head runs on seems to of melted some, and crumbles, hard to move the laser head to the side, cant see any visible burned out pieces on the board in back left, but do smell electrical smoke from in there before it cleared up. Tube even looks to have char on it. Outlet works with other items after resetting my breaker. Glowforge is completely dead, only attempted once to verify, disconnected everything again and will wait for a reply from my support request via website, my tech support post on Discord and here.

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I am sorry this happened. Glowforge support does not monitor this forum, so you have already completed the important step of contacting them. They will be able to look at the logs for your machine and determine what may have happened before/during/after the fire.

Good luck.


There is a high voltage wire back there that can overload too easily that could cause what you heard and smelled. When that happens the machine is likely dead and you likely will be offered a refurb exchange for the expected cost of repair and shipping.

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