Glowforge Pro Remote Stop

Hello fellow Glowforgers, First post, but it’s a doozy.


There’s something about making your own parts that just feels good, and while not very pretty, it works quite well.

EDIT: Oh, forgot the stats, 24-ish foot cord so i can walk around the room with the “Please Stop” switch in hand, i plan on opening the pass through, and now, i’m all set.


Looks pretty nice to me! Your very own emergency stop button? :smile:


I did undersize the “Emergency Stop” text on the casing, and part of me wanted to stain the whole switch red, but for something like 23 bucks in parts, I can’t complain. I was half tempted to write up a guide, but decided that could just open a whole can of worms no one wants to get into.

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Can’t find it now, but I would have sworn folks were joking about a deadman switch (pickle) a year or so ago…

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Yowza, Mental Note: Don’t make posts when sleep deprived.

It’s a basic remote E-Stop, I picked up the locking switch from Inventables, along with the jack for one side of the cable connections. The cable itself is a cord saved from a vacuum cleaner and the GF side connector is, strangely enough, on Amazon for a bit less than Digikey.

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This is actually the first emergency stop button I’ve seen. Is this a common thing that ships with the Glowforge? I hadn’t seen that port on the back before

@mrheadcrab made this.

It’s on the Pro version.

The Pro model has a round plug on the back for the “Remote Safety Interlock” , it’s there for if you decide to remove the pro-shields and operate in Class IV. Basically, it’s a button that mimics lifting the lid or hitting the "Stop button in the software, shutting down the laser and sending the gantry to it’s home in the corner. It’s good to have so if you have a “uncontrolled combustion” you can stop the cut without opening the lid.


Would you mind posting the link to the GF side connector?

You can find that here:


The thing is, the Amphenol-Sine connector is on backorder, last time i checked, it had a 2 month lead time, I was browsing Amazon and stumbled on a Amphenol-Tuchel connector with the same part number, I checked the datasheets, and besides being in German, they were identical. I bit the bullet and picked one up, Works fine.

I’m not sure if i’m allowed to link Amazon links on here, so searching for "
Amphenol Tuchel Part Number T 3200 001 "


and the diagram for the connector, it’s a pain to find, had to dig through a service manual to find it.


Feel free to link!

Mouser has them in stock (14 at the time of this post):

And the original link from Glowforge to DigiKey shows them in stock there, too (90 at the time of this post):


Alrighty Then,

Holy smokes… I had no idea my Pro had this - I had to go look to be sure!

Yepperoni, it’s where the magic staple lives…

When I first got my pro, it refused to cut at all, i honestly thought it broke in transit, turns out the Magic staple, the jumper in the holes, had just worked itself loose in transit.