Glowforge pro says lid os open

I’ve checked the cable connections all look right. Powered off the computer
Frustrating please help
Worked fine last night. Cleaned it today
Also no lights along the lid at all
Is this supposed to have the little flap and it broke somehow.

The number of threads here that start with “I cleaned it and…” :roll_eyes:

There is no cleaning required other than the optics, the rails, and on rare occasions, the accessible fans.

You’ve obviously dislodged or broken something. The lights and lid-open issues both point to a problem with the black lid cable and related connectors, and Glowforge would almost certainly want you to replace that first. Given that both problems started after a cleaning, however, that probably won’t make any difference. Also, if your “cleaning” involved any kind of liquid, it may have gotten into a connector and caused a short that has permanently damaged a circuit board.

Carefully re-check every connector that you went anywhere near. The instructions on the support pages for how to replace the black lid cable cover which ones and how to do that. If all is well, the machine will likely need to be replaced.


Thank you for your less than positive response.
No one needs to be talked down to, it really isnt helpful. I did not use liquid. I have checked the connections that I am aware of. However i will go back and check a third time.
Thank you for your time.

Sorry if you feel being told facts is “being talked down to”…

Sorry to waste your valuable time trying to help.

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It is disconcertingly fragile. I think someone once mapped out the connector and found that the power is right next to some signal lines, and those pins are only fractions of a millimeter apart. That’s probably why there are so many stories of “I cleaned my machine and then it started having problems”. If not liquid, even a slightly misaligned or jiggled loose cable seems to be prone to shorting out critical components. I’m always surprised that machines with so much stuff flying around in them are build with connectors that fail if you look at them funny.

Anyway, the quickest path to resolution is probably to pursue everything in parallel: if you’re lucky, removing and carefully reinserting the connectors (with the machine off) might help. I’d also order a replacement cable now; even if you don’t need it, chances of using a spare someday are high. And I’d also reach out to support since that conversation takes a while and you might need what comes at the end of it.


I ordered the cord strip last night just in case that is the issue. Thank you!

Particularly where the black cable plugs into that little board in the back the lid camera, the lights on each side, and the sensors to tell if the lid is closed properly all go through that plug. The way the plug is situated, any moisture will be funneled to that little board, and any moisture will short out that board, necessitating that the machine go back to the factory.

There are a large number of folks who have shorted out that board, hence the “I just did a total cleaning of my machine and now it won’t work” issue. There is the three plugins to the black cable and the cable out to the lid camera that can be damaged by rubbing them the wrong way. I would definitely look carefully at that little board mentioned to make sure its magic smoke has not left a trail on its exit. If it has you might need to get a refurbished machine that runs around 1.5k and includes shipping each way.


The cables and particularly the main plug for the cable in the back look fine. I never spray anything into the machine. Just wipe down under the crumb tray, the front drop door rails etc
I hope it isnt a replacement!

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