Glowforge Pro stalling and not finishing prints


I’ve been experiencing some weird things with my Glowforge Pro and hoping to figure out what the issue is.

The machine is clean (lenses, etc) but this last week it will do “honing” and stay in that mode. It forced me to do a shut off and reset the head. It continued to do that but eventually did work.

I did one of my prints (4 motel keychains), and the time was set for an hour print. After about 15 minutes it stopped (screen read print stopped). I then went to try and print 2 motel keychains and it worked just fine.

At one point the button turned teal. I held the button down and the color no longer appeared.

Does this sound like the start of a power supply issue? Or something else?

Getting stuck in “homing” usually points to a wifi signal strength issue. Rebooting your router, adding a range extender, or redoing the initial wifi setup can sometimes fix that.

The button should turn teal only after it’s been held down for 10 seconds. Is there any chance you may have left something on the button?


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Sounds like a wifi issue to me - especially the glowing teal button along with the homing delay.


I have the Ethernet cable going directly to the PC. Would that still be a problem?

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Yes. The internet connection of your computer is not relevant. It is the wireless connection of the Glowforge.


Any idea how to resolve the issue?

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Nothing was sitting on the button. It’s hooked up with an Ethernet cable. I can reset the router and re set the glowforge signal to wifi. You think that is a good start?

Glowforges don’t have ethernet ports, Wi-Fi is the only connection option


When you turn on your Glowforge does it show offline in the interface?


An intermittant issue speaks to an intermittant problem. We have seen stuff as silly as the neighbors microwave messing with the wifi signal when the signal was weak to start with. If you have not had a problem in a long while there could be a change that threw in the wrench. There is some way you have been having a wifi issue that is from your router to the machine as if the computer is connected instead neither can access the internet and both need to. Rebooting your router is a common suggestion.